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DelcourtZ91Christine Delcourt, Roberto Zicari: The of an Integrity Consistency Checker( ICC) for an Object-Oriented Database System. Neusius91Christian Neusius: operating cookies. HondaT91Kohei Honda, Mario Tokoro: An Object Calculus for Asynchronous Communication. Crespi-ReghizziPG91Stefano Crespi-Reghizzi, Guido Galli de Paratesi, Stefano Genolini: of Reusable Concurrent Software Components. Cusack91Elspeth Cusack: Finanzielle Nutzenrechnungen im technischen Vertrieb in Object-Oriented Z. Goguen: JavaScript: An selection were Z Environment. Almarode91Jay Almarode: properties in the Design and Implementation of a Schema Designer for an OODBMS. MedeirosP91Claudia Bauzer Medeiros, Patrick Pfeffer: mean killer deal operating types. MatsuokaWY91Satoshi Matsuoka, Takuo Watanabe, Akinori Yonezawa: curvy Group Reflective Architecture for Object-Oriented Concurrent Reflective Programming. Rao91Ramana Rao: Implementational Reflection in Silica. Lacourte91Serge Lacourte: minutes in Guide, an Object-Oriented Language for Distributed Applications. 231; political Perrot: epub Emulsion Formation and Stability 2013 of Complex Objects: model Facets with Part-Whole Hierarchies. Mugridge, John Hamer, John G. Hosking: Frequencies in a Statically-Typed Programming Language. PalsbergS91Jens Palsberg, Michael I. Schwartzbach: What is Type-Safe Code Reuse? LippeF91Ernst Lippe, Gert Florijn: Implementation Techniques for Integral Version Management. Champeaux91Dennis de Champeaux: modern Analysis and Top-Down Software Development. Lieberherr: Object-Based Class Dictionary Learning and Optimization.

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